Technology Professionals On Call was founded in 2004 by Sandor J. Szanto to provide an on call specialist for consumers and small businesses who lack the information technology knowledge or professional IT staff. Home users are given the most affordable long term solution to their technology problems. Repairs are done using the most cost effective option, while ensuring the repair will far outlast the warranty period. Because we specialize in all facets of technology solutions, many home users find they can save hundreds of dollars after implementing the suggested changes and purchasing the required devices to make technology work for their needs! While drop off service is always going to be the cheapest option, we understand that most home users would rather have a specialist come deal with their computer problems. At, we will not only fix your computer problem, but will also teach you how to prevent computer problems from coming back after the repairs are complete. Our prices are also the best you will find, guaranteed!

Businesses are provided the most cost effective business driven solution to achieve industry standard protections and services. Repair services are not limited to information technology, but include all emerging and existing technology solutions. Establishing and managing enterprise-wide information-security and best practices can be a daunting task. But Technology Professionals On Call can develop custom training programs which surpass industry standards and allow even the smallest business to effectively protect their information assets. also performs a cost benefit analysis on all recommended design changes ensuring the business needs are prioritized and affordable solutions are implemented in a timely fashion. One of the biggest problems found in small business is a lack of appropriate policies and procedures. After a comprehensive security audit, Technology Professionals On Call can provide an accurate IT inventory, a list of new policies/procedures, and even identify the security vulnerabilities which the business must correct to prevent a loss! From simple tasks such as network wiring or computer repair, to business process documentation and security audits, Technology Professionals On Call offers the most cost effective on call IT solution for your business.

Our motto is "We make technology work for you!"  

With the right technology solutions, computer and IT problems become a thing of the past... so what can we fix for you?   

Sandor J. Szanto MS-ISA, MBA-ITM, MEd - Learning and Technology
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